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STMS smooth, extra-deep and specially compounded rubber ensures maximum resistance to cutting and wearing. Designed for severe, rocky surfaces, such as those in underground mines, open pits and quarries.

Loader & Dozer Service
Size Type Ply Rating
12.00-24 T/T 16 20
14.00-24 T/T 20
17.5-25 T/L 20
18.00-25 T/L 24 28 32
26.5-25 T/L 32 36
29.5-29 T/L 34

STMS main features are extra-long tread life and best riding comfort due to extra-deep and smooth tread design. Suitable for empty and loaded container handlers, especially on abrasive concrete surfaces.

Industrial Service
Size Type Ply Rating
12.00-24 T/T 20
18.00-25 T/L 40