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Extra-deep tread designed for severe or rocky surfaces, offering excellent traction, stability and a comfortable ride. Specially designed sidewall provides extended protection from cutting. For use in underground mines, open pits and quarries.

Industrial Service
Extra-deep tread with a reinforced all-steel radial casing for heavy reach stackers.
Size Type Star Rating
23.5R25 T/L star2
35/65R33 T/L star2
Loader & Dozer Service
Size Type Star Rating
8.25R15 T/T star2
10.00R15 T/T star2
14.5R15 T/L star2
12.00R20 T/T star2
15.5R25 T/L star1
17.5R25 T/L star1star2
20.5R25 T/L star1star2
23.5R25 T/L star1star2
26.5R25 T/L star1star2
29.5R25 T/L star1star2
29.5R29 T/L star1star2
35/65R33 T/L star1star2
45/65R39 T/L star1
45/65R45 T/L star1star2
50/65R51 T/L star2
55.5/80R57 T/L
60/80R57 T/L